Mary Ann the Shaman of the Andes - Interview in Panorama.

lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010


Thank you for my great adventure to the land of my SELF

"My trip to Peru with MaryAnn this February was so much more than I could ever have imagined.  I felt like I was being held with the most delicate of care and love the entire time I was there.  The trip was very organic and flowed with what appeared to be effortless grace.  All the aspects of the trip where thoughtfully considered by her, with great attention to; appropriate accommodations, sufficient time for self-reflection, connection with the elements, extraordinary food and the perfect amount of adventure.  I feel like I got to know myself through this trip.  By reconnecting with the earth and the ocean, I found my own essence.  Through discovering the history of Peru's ancient cultures I rediscovered that which is my birthright as a woman and as a spiritual being.  There was also a great amount of laughter throughout our trip.  MaryAnn has a contagious lightness and love of joy.  Conversation with her is easy and humor is almost always nearby.  She is straightforward and compassionate in her instructions and recommendations, so much so, one may forget at times that you are on a personal vision quest.  But she was consistently focused on my healing.  Throughout the traveling she gently reminded me to breath, to place attention to my words, my stance, my experience.  Not a moment was wasted.  As the trip progressed and experiences multiplied, she gently encouraged me out of thinking and into experiencing the moment.  I am grateful for that instruction now that I am home, with more time to re-experience those moments in my memory and to contemplate the depth of their meaning to me.

I am not the same.
I did not want to be the same.
I got so much more than I ever thought possible.

I am grateful to my dear healer, intuitive guide, and loving teacher MaryAnn".

Christina Tavera
San Francisco, California

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