Mary Ann the Shaman of the Andes - Interview in Panorama.

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According to archaeology, 5000 B.C. this medicinal plant was used in the Andes of South America, being Chavin de Huantar the mother culture, considered as the first centre for spiritual initiation in South America. At this ceremonial centre, is where you may find visible proof of the use of Wachuma, incorrectly named San Pedro (Trichocereus Pachanoi). During the same period, the Caral, Chimu and Mochica cultures also obtained wisdom through the use of Wachuma. When the Inkas arrived, its use spread all over the Tawantinsuyu.

Therefore, it is necessary to speak about its sacred and medicinal use, sacred because it connects us directly with the Divine (God) and then heals us and opens our consciousness for self-apprenticeship, self-knowledge, in that way we do self-healing on ourselves and we can reach self-fulfillment. This plant, when you ingest it, has the quality of awakening the senses of the human being to work with the unconscious, where most of our traumas are kept and which can be acquired since we are in the womb of our physical mother or that we may bring from past lives.

The Spirit of Wachuma awakens our senses to access higher levels of consciousness, to access parallel dimensions, transmitting us wisdom and peace. It teaches us about true UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: MUNAY


We are permanently in contact with all sorts of energies, and without noticing we accumulate dense or low vibration frequencies which must be cleansed. While cleansing our energetic field, we can continue in the path to our personal growth, unblocking and eliminating all that we do not need anymore, opening the possibilities to fulfill and enjoy all our well-meant desires and projects. The Flower Bath is part of this process, in which we can all renew and transform those energies and evolve to our next step in life.


The Lakota indians know it as Inipi, while native people in the Mexican Sierra give it the name of Temascal. In all cases, it is a ceremony for physical and spiritual purification, which takes place inside an igloo-shaped lodge and symbolizes coming back into the womb of Mother Earth. Inside the lodge, the maternal uterus is recreated, grandmother stones are heated, and water with aromatic herbs is used to pour over the stones, it is a natural sauna. It usually takes place at night, but can be done during the day as well. When people are inside, the Circle of Truth is opened. The heat and the energy of the group facilitate a catharsis that brings out all emotional contents. Apart from eliminating toxins, the Sweatlodge is a good option to release tension and reencounter with oneself.

The scientific principle of the Sweatlodge is that consciousness is altered through different levels of heat, sweat and breathing, which means that through natural resources the psyche can open the conscience and work inside.

Sound Healing: Harmonization of The Human Universe

Sound and music are used as therapeutic and healing instruments to improve health, to transform the energy and vibrate at a higher frequency. They stimulate the body and the auric field. This therapy helps in the process of liberating all emotional, mental and even physical imbalances. The direct application of sound on the human body resonates on the imbalanced parts through harmonically related tones that heal and restore the natural frequency of the body.

Individual and group healing sessions, harmonizing the person using Condor feathers to cleanse the energetic field, rattles and other percussion and wind instruments, to level and unblock points of energy in the Human Universe, through vibration, sound and mainly sacred songs to heal and harmonize the person. She also uses crystals, flower essences and essential oils, reiki and massage techniques, depending on the person’s needs. The drum is used so the person reconnects with his heart. The rainstick is used as water to cleanse and relax. All the elements contribute to the total harmony of the human being. The main intention in this process is to harmonize and cleanse people and physical spaces.


Since ancient times, People and Communities in the Andes carry out a ritual with our sacred and blessed COCA MAMA, a magical and beneficial therapy still in practice: The Healing Ritual with the Sacred K’intu. This therapy mainly helps with problems such as altitude sickness, headaches and migraine, sight pain, deeziness, nausea, vomit, fever, lack of concentration, lack of sleep, it even helps us cleanse all negative thoughts we may have or it simply helps us relax, feel peaceful or helps us find our own energetic balance. We only need to accept, to be receptive to this energy, to have faith in what we are going to do. To close the energetic circle of Love between the GIVER: THE COCA LEAF and the RECEIVER: THE HUMAN BEING.


Andean spirituality is based upon Munay, the power of feeling, on Tukuymunayniyuq, supreme love, on Ayni, which means reciprocity, sharing not only what you have but who you are in essence; and on Noqa Kan Kani which means “You and I are the same…” Andean people try to keep a permanent equilibrium with all that surrounds them through reciprocity with their community, their habitat and their gods.

The ritual most frequently used to keep this equilibrium is the offering, “pagapu” or “despacho”, where Coca Leaves are used in groups of three. This is the K’intu which represents the union between the Kay Pacha (this world) and the Hanan Pacha (the world above), with which Mama Coca communicates through her leaves and stems, and the Uku Pacha (the world below), with which she communicates through her roots. The encounter among these three energies results in equilibrium.

This offering’s most elevate purpose is to propitiate the union among all living creatures, the Cosmos and Nature. Its everyday use is to ask for favors or to thank for what has been received. An Offering in the Andean world is the best way of reciprocity with Mother Earth, giving her back the best fruits with which she provides us, each participant becomes the offering itself. Afterwards, this offering will be burned, buried in Mother Earth (Mama Pacha) or offered to Mother Ocean (Mama Qocha), following ancestral rites.

Who is Mary Ann Eddowes?

21 years ago she started studying and practicing Traditional Medicine from the Andean and Amazonian Region in Peru and also from North America.  She performs shamanic ceremonies with Wachuma and runs Sweatlodge, as well as Sound Healing, Offerings to Mother Earth, Flower Baths, Healing Rituals with the Sacred Coca Leaf and other rituals for the spiritual healing of humanity and the planet.  She is a Cannunpa Carrier, Lakota Sacred Pipe, a powerful sacrament to raise our prayers to the Great Spirit.

She is Founder Member of the Board of Directors at the NGO Comunidad Tawantinsuyu, dedicated to revalue and preserve Traditional Medicine and Andean-Amazonian Ancestral Wisdom in Peru. (2000-2006 / 2014-2015). www.comunidadtawantinsuyu.orgSince 2006 she is also Member of the APEHCOCA Group created to promote the good use of our Sacred Coca Leaf as part of our Ancestral Andean Tradition, for Rituals, as Medicine and Nutritional Supplement. She collaborates with the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange – CSEE from New Mexico, USA as well as the NGO Ciudad Saludable in Lima, Peru

25 years of experience in Convention Management at national and international levels.  She was Director of Events at the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions – CONFIEP, in charge of organizing all Meetings, Seminars and Entrepreneurial Gatherings.  Afterwards, she was Director of Special Events and Tourism at the Peruvian Promotion Commission – PROMPERU where she organized events in several provinces in Peru as well as in Spain, Chile and the United States. During 4 years she taught Professional Event Organization at the Faculty of Tourism Management, San Ignacio de Loyola University   Since 21 years ago she works independently as Event Organizer, now specialized in meetings and gatherings on Traditional Medicine, Ecology, Spirituality and Sacred Plants.

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