Mary Ann the Shaman of the Andes - Interview in Panorama.

lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010


Trujillo-Lambayeque, Perú


At the shore of the great Pacific Ocean, where the ancient Peruvians located the beginning and the end of the world.  Where the unknown was conceived such as they could see it:  Water.  There, in the vastness of the salty sea, delimited sweet water areas, enigmatic deserts and fertile valleys, they built their magnificent civilizations.  Magical universes, multi-ecological, and reverential of Women Goddesses of life and death, of the great entourage of governesses, priestesses, healers and foretellers, mediators of the supernatural power on Earth.

After 1700 years, we invite you to travel through its mysteries, its wisdom and its ancient spirituality.

Mary Ann Eddowes                                                      Maritza Villavicencio
Spiritual Healer                                                              Historian and Phytomantic

Program of Activities

- Visit the ceremonial or energetic centres  in Trujillo and Lambayeque:  the Citadel of Chan Chan,  the Huacas del Sol y de la Luna (Temples of the Moon and the Sun), Huaca Cao, Tombs of San José de Moro, Pyramids of Túcume, Sicán and the Forest of Pómac


- Historical Magical-Spiritual Guidance by Mrs. Maritza Villavicencio


- Spiritual Rituals in energetic and ceremonial centres, by Mrs. Mary Ann Eddowes:   the Goddess of the Sea, the Goddess of the Moon, the Lady of Cao, the Priestesses of San José Moro, the Spirits of Túcume and Offering to Mother Earth and the Spiritis of the Forest of Pómac
- Visit the Museum "Royal Tombs of Sipan"


- Visit the Mercado de Curanderos (Witchcraft Market) in Chiclayo

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