Mary Ann the Shaman of the Andes - Interview in Panorama.

lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010



"Sharing so many days with Mary Ann has been a magical experience, learning from a woman with so much experience in the path of sacred plants and ancestral ceremonies, has been a privilege. Respect towards nature, prayers, offerings and learning to read the signs in nature have been some of the many teachings that remain in my heart and will never forget. Sweatlodge is a ceremony and therapy in which we should all constantly participate, feeling the earth as a live being and leaving behind all the layers that we do not need anymore, it is an experience of integration and collective work that shows us the way in which we must live our life.

Thank you Mary Ann for believing in Magic! ".

Javier Quintana B.

San Roque de Cumbaza – Tarapoto


What Mary Ann has shared with us has been generous and sincere

" I feel one thing has taken us to another until finally the time for learning came. I feel deep gratitude for learning with Mary Ann, whom I consider a friend, sister, guide and teacher. This process has been more than what I expected: not only learning the ways and traditions but sharing time to review each detail, outside and within oneself to tune into a conscious and magical life, reconnecting with the invisible world. What Mary Ann has shared with us has been generous and sincere.

Thank you very much! ".

Claudia Olivares

San Roque de Cumbaza – Tarapoto


Photos by Javier Quintana.


White is pure light reflected in our heart

"White is pure light reflected in our Heart, the doors and paths open completely, beauty in your song and your wisdom delivered in each word you say, it was wonderful to share such sweet energy of growth, understanding, love and healing that you provided us with since your arrival in Tarapoto, and all through the process we experienced, I am eternally grateful ".

With love

Cindy Reategui

Tarapoto - Perú

For all my relations

"It is difficult to explain in words the healing and purification we go through in a sweatlodge. The cleansing your body and spirit experience is of great help to find inner balance and reconnect with our Mother Earth (Pachamama-Pachamama), from her womb. When we understand the essence of the sacred relation with our Mother, we can create sacred relations with all that surround us: plants, animals, stones and specially our brothers and sisters, knowing we are all part of a sacred family.

Urpi Yay Sonqo Yay Mary Ann for sharing and providing such wonderful medicine and for your wise advice. Many blessings in your path, and continue shining as always".

¡For all my relations!

Daniel Lerner

San Roque de Cumbaza – Tarapoto – Perú

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