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jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

Healing Tools

The Andean Amazonian Harmonization and Energy Healing Therapies are carried out using different elements, received in spiritual ceremony and through a close relation with these elements coming from Mother Earth Pachamama. Among these harmonizing elements, we may find the following:

Condor Feathers

The Condor or Kuntur in Quechua, is the Spirit Animal which represents the Hanan Pacha (The World Above or Spiritual World) in the Andean Cosmovision. It symbolizes the liberation of sufferings, doubts, fears, trauma and limitations of the past, to be able to fly in freedom. It alleviates, clears and harmonizes the energies of the mind, body and heart. Powerful Condor feathers are used to cleanse the energetic field of the person, taking away all dense energies accumulated in the auric body.

Chacchas or Maracas (Rattles)

What is the first sound a baby listens to?..... Rattles! They harmonize and balance the energies in the human body through repetitive mantric rhythms, the points of energy of the Human Universe are aligned and unblocked through vibration, through sound. The rhythm varies, depending on the energy required by the person, in order to find balance, to heal, to relax.


So powerful, yet so simple. The drum has the extraordinary power to touch something deep and powerful within all. It awakens an aspect of ourselves that lies dormant until it hears an ancient calling through the rhythms of this healing vehicle. These sounds awaken our spirits and speak to our most primal and truest selves. Its beat reminds us of our own hearbeat. The drum can be a useful tool to quiet our inner voices and can help to unlock emotional blocks that maybe repressed or suppressed within.

Sacred Chant and Dance

The profound healing sound of music. Medicine songs and dance that master plants such as Wachuma and Ayawaska give to the initiated in this healing path and during the training of healers. The healing songs harmonize and bring spiritual flourishing, strength and cleansing, during a healing ceremony. Depending on the energy of the person, sounds and movement are channeled to cleanse and balance the person in all its bodies: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual, releasing blockages, realigning the bodies, restoring harmony and balance.

Healing with Hands

A natural way of healing, opening to the universal energies and channeling unconditional love, restoring our energy and balancing our energetic centers, healing in all levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. According to ancestral traditions, the hands are an extension of the heart, the soul inhabits the heart, therefore… the hands are healing instruments of the soul.


Always using our hands, channeling healing energy, massage is carried out on the areas where the person needs them most, to alleviate tension, to heal at emotional, psychological and spiritual levels, to release blockages. Sometimes, being touched with love and tenderness is only what we need to feel better, to feel cared for.


Its sacred spirit clears dense energies and low vibration and creates a protection around the person, to become more intuitive in regard to the energies moving around. Its strong spirit is a great Master.

Sacred Stones and Crystal Quartz

The Stone People are good medicine. They have healing and cleansing properties, opening our energy channels (chakras) and connecting us with the vibrations of our Mother Earth and of the Cosmos. They carry the most ancient information in the planet and they can give us many valuable and interesting messages, if we are open to connect with them.

Flower Essences & Essential Oils

Through Aromatherapy, the spirit connects with situations, people, places, previous experiences and helps in the process of harmonizing and cleansing.

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