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jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

Benefits of the Sweatlodge

The Sweatlodge is a powerful therapy for the treatment of many illnesses and pains, being either acute or chronic.

The physical benefits it provides: for problems related to rheumatism, prostate, arthritis, hepatitis, digestive system, blood circulation, lungs, bronchitis and glandular disorders such as thyroid. Due to its healing characteristics, it is the most efficient method to stimulate all internal organs, depurating the body, sweating great amounts of toxins accumulated due to pharmaceutical medicines and/or coming from the same food. We face serious problems due to contamination nowadays.

It helps in eliminating overweight, through sweat, therefore helps in treatments for obesity and premature aging of the skin.

It eliminates chronic physical and mental fatigue, digestive problems, relieves congestion of the lymphatic system and produces an outstanding improvement in the quality of life for people who suffer diabetes and hypertension.

This technique can be used to help women with problems such as: infertility, menstruation, spasms and colic, it stimulates the production of maternal milk and prevents surgery in the ovaries and the different parts of the body.

In brief, it is good for the following:

- Total Relaxation of the Muscular System
- Improvement of the Circulatory System
- Improvement of the Immune System
- Detoxification of the Body
- Dermatological System
- Respiratory System
- Nervous System

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