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Microdosing with Wachuma allows the person to heal and balance all the bodies 
(physical, mental-emotional, spiritual), through dreams, during rest time, in a softer 
and longer way than through ceremonies where you ingest higher doses that require 
of a guide.  Microdosing allows for a personal therapy, subtle, that does not interfere 
with your daily activities.  Depending on how the person evolves and opens to the 
Medicine, the time and dose may vary.  It is recommended to take it for at least one to 
three months, to see clear results.



In Capsules:  2 capsules per night, before going to sleep, for 1 to 3 months at 
least.  Daily or intradaily.  Another option is to ingest the capsules in the morning.
In Powder:  1 teaspoon every night before going to sleep, for 1 to 3 months or 
intradaily, if you feel a daily dose is too much, some people are more sensitive than 

How to ingest it: 

In Capsules:  At night, before going to sleep, take 2 capsules with water.  Always 
connect with the spirit of Wachuma, in a respectful way.  Ask the medicine, with faith 
and love, to guide you in your search, in your healing, you may ask for signs on some 
specific matter or just open yourself to what the master plant wants to show you and 
help you heal. 

In Powder: Mix the micro dose in powder with half a glass of fresh or cold water (not 
hot), do not stir for long as it absorbs the water fast getting thicker.  Ask the spirit of 
the medicine to help you in the areas of your life that require more attention at this 
moment, or in your body or mind.  Breathe in deeply and drink it all at once.  The 
medicine may not taste that good, but the important thing is that it heals and what 
you are ingesting is a very small dose, homeopathy.  It is basically bitter.  You can 
have some honey or a fruit for the aftertaste, or just more water. You will find what is 
more suitable for  you. 
The only indication is not to take the medicine if that day you have drunk alcoholic 
beverages, and you can continue microdosing the following night. 

Connection with the Spirit of the Master Plant:

Once you take the medicine, the best is to go and have some rest and sleep, in silence 
or with some soft meditation music that may help you relax, and let the medicine work 
inside you through dreams.

Approach the medicine with LOVE, RESPECT AND FAITH, the Spirit of Wachuma will 
be reciprocal.  It can come to you as a male or female energy, depending on what 
your spirit is needing to find balance, it is important to know that it is a powerful plant 
medicine and very loving, it is here to help us reconnect with our essence which is 
Divinity and to remember that we are part of it and in that way it helps us bring 
integrative healing to all our bodies starting from the root, which is our Spirit.  It is the 
spirit that carries past lives imbalances, it is necessary to find balance, that means we 
have to look within ourselves and at all our relations with more love.  Otherwise, those 
imbalances continue growing within ourselves and end up contaminating our mental-
emotional and physical bodies, until we get sick.

This Medicine, in micro dose, allows us to heal at all levels, through dreams, in a softer 
way than a whole dose for ceremony.  It is an excellent way to start your inner work or 
continue with it.  It teaches us to know ourselves, to love ourselves with our limitations 
and virtues, to balance and unblock the path to our personal growth, to harmonize our 
lives, within ourselves, with our environment, within all our relations with other human 
beings, with nature and the cosmos.  It reminds us we are here to learn to live a 
happy life and to be conscious and aware that the essence of all is UNCONDITIONAL 
LOVE, a concept we understand little by little from a deeper perspective, from our 
hearts.  Therefore, for me this medicine's formula is:



The path to our self-fulfillment, to carry out our mission in this lifetime within the 
Universal Plan is not an easy thing to do, it requires of our effort, our courage, honesty 
and integrity with oneself.  The results may be worthy of walking this path and more, I 
can speak from my own experience with this medicine for the past 21 years.


No special diet must be followed to take this medicine in micro dose, although the 
results may be more obvious in a shorter period of time, if there is a healthy diet, 
without chemicals or additives in the food, avoiding soft beverages could be a start, 
these are suggestions you make take into consideration when you are ready.  The 
same with red meat, especially pork, because they use more time and energy in our 
body for digestion and they contain more toxins.  All this may happen gradually while 
taking the medicine, in a natural way, your body will ask for or reject determined 
substances or products because it will be more sensitive to what comes into your body 
and how it affects your functions at all levels.  Slowly, little by little.  Patience and 
much love towards yourself, embrace yourself with tenderness because you are a spirit 
that shines and has an important role contributing in the Universal Plan.  For this, we 
need to be in balance, to be able to give support with strength, power and clarity.

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