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miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Sound Healing: Harmonization of The Human Universe

Sound and music are used as therapeutic and healing instruments to improve health, to transform the energy and vibrate at a higher frequency. They stimulate the body and the auric field. This therapy helps in the process of liberating all emotional, mental and even physical imbalances. The direct application of sound on the human body resonates on the imbalanced parts through harmonically related tones that heal and restore the natural frequency of the body.

Individual and group healing sessions, harmonizing the person using Condor feathers to cleanse the energetic field, rattles and other percussion and wind instruments, to level and unblock points of energy in the Human Universe, through vibration, sound and mainly sacred songs to heal and harmonize the person. She also uses crystals, flower essences and essential oils, reiki and massage techniques, depending on the person’s needs. The drum is used so the person reconnects with his heart. The rainstick is used as water to cleanse and relax. All the elements contribute to the total harmony of the human being. The main intention in this process is to harmonize and cleanse people and physical spaces.

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